Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Update Newsletter Focuses on Students--Now Online

By Whitney E. Gray

Two students at a fare machine on a bus
The 2012 fall edition of the ESPA Update focuses on the transition of students with disabilities to postsecondary settings, with an emphasis on how accessible transportation can support positive transition outcomes. ESPA has launched many student engagement projects over the last year and we are excited to share information about the work with you in this newsletter. Download the Update.

Articles include:
  • ESPA Inclusive Transportation Service-Learning Program: Integrating Transportation Content into Teaching and Learning
  • Directions and Perspectives: A Focus on Accessible Transportation to Support the Transition of Students with Disabilities to Post-School Settings
  • Ask the Expert: Learning How to Use Public Transit
  • Technical Assistance for School Systems Looking to Partner with Local Transit
  • Join the Accessible Transportation for Students Online Community
  • ESPA Partners with Pupil Transportation Organizations to Promote Transportation Education
  • ESPA Introduction to Travel Training
  • Latest Research
  • ESPA Partners with AMA and CDC-HAN to Provide New Resources
  • New Web Resources for Information on Accessibility
  • Update on 2012 ATCI Teams
  • ESPA’s Autism Initiatives
The Update is now available online and will arrive soon in your postal mailbox along with a copy of the Including People with Disabilities: Communication & Meeting Etiquette Pocket Guide as well as the Planning for Transportation After Medical Services Pocket Guide, a joint effort between the American Medical Association and ESPA, which will be available for order online in late 2012.

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