Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tailoring ESPA Publications for Your Community: Denton & Tarrant Counties, Texas

Easter Seals Project ACTION updated the popular You Can Ride travel training booklet in 2012. The book’s new design features updated photos and page slits so that travel trainers can insert their own pictures. In addition, ESPA also offers a You Can Ride design template for transit systems and trainers who want to create books using local photos, colors specific to their transit system, or who want to create sections related to modes available in a community, such as rail, bus, or ferry.
Easter Seals North Texas, in coordination with the Denton County Transportation Authority and SPAN, put the offer to adapt You Can Ride to the test, and as a result have developed an easy-to-understand version of the booklet with photographs tailored to the environment and the transit systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Neat innovations include showing pictures of customers buying fare tickets online and using the fare payment kiosk at a light rail station. In addition, Easter Seals North Texas artfully included a map watermark as background on all of the booklet pages. For Fort Worth, Tarrant MHMR and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (the T) created two versions of the You Can Ride guide—one for a general audience and the other primarily for school district staff and others who work with transition-aged youth. 
North Texas Travels, an Easter Seals North Texas project, uses the Denton booklet as part of their program to teach people with disabilities, caregivers, and veterans about local and regional transportation options. The program’s designed to empower individuals with skills to safely and confidently use public transit.
Tarrant County MHMR has also created a pocket-sized guide with trip and emergency contact information styled after the GET Going! Guide developed by ESPA and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation to assist passengers who may become confused or anxious while using public transportation. 
Both projects were funded by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).

Has your community tailored an Easter Seals Project ACTION product for your riders or operators?  If so, let us know!  Email examples or photographs to espablog@easterseals.com, and we’ll share them on our blog!

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